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Others Interview Experience

I had applied for "Aspire Systems" recruitment held at our college. It was just one day process with 4.5L package. The process had 3 rounds. Round 1 - Aptitude and Technical MCQ Round 2 - Programming Round 3 - HR Interview The Round 1 had 25 Aptitude Questions and 10 C Aptitude. The aptitude questions were 80% logical reasoning and rest quands, but all easy. The C Aptitude was too easy. You can clear this round easily. The Round 2 was programming. Each person were asked similar or different questions. To me they asked a program on string manipulation, recursion of main function and implementation of binary tree. I did the first 2 but couldn't do the last one. So i could not clear this round. The Round 3 was just for formality. A HR round. Normal questions were asked about you and family. Those who went into this round got selected. The thing was they tried to eliminate as much people as possible in 2nd Round. They were looking how different is your approach in solving a program from others.

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Others Interview Experience

I had applied for a company "Infoview" through my college. It is basically an ERP based company which requires compulsory Java Certification. It is a renowned Company with packages of 5.5L, 6.5L and 7.5L. It was held at Kongunadu Group of Institutions at Trichy on 5th and 6th August 2017. The selection process had 3 rounds: 1st Round - Aptitude and Technical MCQ 2nd Round - Technical HR - 1 3rd Round - Technical HR -2 The 1st Round contained 20 General Aptitude and 20 Technical. The aptitude questions were normal and easy. But the technical questions were comparatively difficult as they had asked mostly from Data Structures and C++. I cleared the round though. The 2nd Round was a technical interview with an HR. He asked around 50 to 60 back to back questions from the content given in your resume. I cleared this round too. The 3rd and Final Round was also a technical interview with another HR. He asked some 4 to 5 questions and gave a code to solve. Unfortunately I failed at the last round and couldn't get placed. But still that was a wonderful experience as it was my first interview gaining a lot of insights from it.

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STATEMENT: N numbers are passed as input to the program. The program must print the immediate previous larger number. If there is no such larger number print 0 for that specific number.
CODE LINK: https://ghostbin.com/paste/jn7q6 (for sharing)
n = int(input().strip())
arr = [int(x) for x in input().strip().split(' ')]
stack = [ ]
for num in arr:
	greaterNumber = 0
	while len(stack): #equivalent to while len(stack) != 0
		previousNumber = stack[len(stack) - 1] #equivalent to stack.peek() in Java
		if previousNumber > num:
			greaterNumber = previousNumber
	stack.append(num) #equivalent to push
	print(greaterNumber,end=" ")

S Suganthy
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Hello Girls/Guys This is Suganthy S I have applied for the job in college job portal,it was about two days process Day 1: It was about 1 hour 30 minutes test.brie 1) Email writing -10 mins Rules to be followed: All the given keywords should be used without changing the tense of the word. Grammer mistake,spelling mistake,typing error are watched seriously. The given hint should be in brief of about 50 words and above. 2) Multiple choice question: 20 question --40 mins Rules: Negative marking of 0.33 for each question which goes wrong. There are star questions in which you can score twice the mark of allocated mark, if your answer is correct,else 0.33 will be reduced. I referred India bix, RS Agarwal,and questions from Skillrack. 3)Multiple choice /fill up kind of question for C language.-10 question--20 mins It also has the star question same rules for this also,questions where easy to understandable. Questions with fill in the blanks doesn't contain negative marking. 4)Coding -20 min The given question should be coded in 20 mins, it should also pass the private and public test case. Day 2 Self Introducing You should be strong in Courses that you were completed. Things that you not strong in can also be mentioned along with percentage of knowledge on it. I was raised questions from my main project. And also from computer network where i mentioned strong in my resume. At the end of the day i got selected in TCS requipment.

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TCS Interview Experience

I applied through college or university. The process took 2 days. The basic criteria to attend the 1st round was 60% in 10th , 60% in 12th & CGPA > 6.5 with one standing arrear where allowed to attend the 1st round. 1st round: Section 1: 10 mins for email writing. Section 2: 20 Aptitude and 10 technical aptitude based on C language. Section 3: One simple program using command line arguments to be written in C.(like finding square root without using math.h) 2nd Round: Technical and HR interview The interview went for around 35 minutes, where they asked self intro, questions about area of interest (Cloud Computing and Web development), about my future plans, and also they asked me to explain about my mini project and main project.